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Odd Bird

Odd Bird

“The origins of odd bird are far from haphazard; the indie-folk group, which has been on the musical radar for a short while beyond the one-year mark, was – more than anything – a natural overlapping of borders, a melding of souls, manifesting itself to the listener as something soft, pure and unequivocally sincere.
The collaboration is bounded by singer-songwriter Ashley Allred and a few of her closest companions, with the ties between the members apparent in the warmth and coziness the music embodies. There is an ethereal, innocent whimsy to the music the four play, which compliments the sense of simple wonder contained in the lyrics Allred pens.
Odd bird has shared the stage with the likes of john vanderslice, low five, goodriddler, and david j. ” – Natalye Childress Smith